Throughout Dominica are several crater-like features, hot springs, bubbling pools and fumaroles. These features are all linked to nearby volcanic centers. The biggest known concentration of these features is the Valley of Desolation/Boiling lake area.


Volcanic Center
Boiling Lake Valley of Desolation The Boiling Lake measures 75 x 85 m and its depth is estimated at 10-15 m. This lake is in a constant state of boiling although occasionally it has been know to go quiet and even dry up. See the boiling lake gallery for photos of the lake in its many stages.
Valley of Desolation Valley of Desolation An area just outside the eastern rim of the Wotten Waven caldera consisting of several small explosion craters which are associated with vigorous hydrothermal activity. The Valley of Desolation has been the source of two historical phreatic eruptions (1880 and 1997).
Champagne Plat Pays Volcanic Complex A zone of gas emission south of Point Michel which extends to at least 20 m offshore. The underwater fumaroles are manifested by bubble trains rising towards the surface.
Galion Plat Pays Volcanic Complex An area of geothermal activity located in a cliff adjacent to Galion, a village south of Soufriere Village and the Morne Patates dome.
Soufriere Springs Play Pays Volcanic Complex A large area of geoghermal activity on the margin of the Soufriere depression in the Sulphur Springs eco-tourism site.
Wotten Waven Wotten Waven Caldera/Micotrin Several fumaroles and hot springs are located within the Wotten Waven caldera. The largest are of activity is located near the village of Wotten Waven, in and adjacent to River Blanc, a tributary of the Roseau River.
Picard Sulphir Springs Morne Aux Diables An area of fumarolic activity sparcely spaced in the Picard/Blancard depression just south of Portsmouth. These holes emit sulfuric gases and warm water with temperatures as high as 80oC. This includes the fumarole at Mamies Sulphur Spring.
Cold Soufriere Morne Aux Diables An area of cold spring activity measuring 25 square meters located in the northwestern younger crater of Morne aux Diables, north of the summit. Milky to clear bubbling pools with temperatures ranging from 23 to 29oC and an acidic pH characterize this feature.
Balvine Morne Aux Diables An extremely hot area of geothermal activity on the property of Kootney Resorts Ltd in the Balvine area just east of Picard, Portsmouth. The area measures approximately 100 sq ft and has three fumaroles with an extremely hot patch with no vegetation. The fumaroles normally produce different temperatures and ph measurements and display different vigor levels. The hot patch has been know to melt the shoes of unsuspecting visitors.
Prince Rupert's Bay Morne Aux Diables A series of underwater fumaroles in the southern third of Prince Rupert's Bay near Portsmouth. They are located at depths of 40' to 80' and produce the highest temperatures recorded on island - in excess of 125oC. Just onshore, in the mouth of the Picard River is a hot area which constantly yields temperatures in the region of 80oC.
Glosho Morne Aux Diables

Alkaline hot water spring which oozes from a hillside forming a stream.

Morne Turner Morne Diablotins A fumarole deep in the heart of the rain forest in the Northern Forest Reserve. This fumarole is located at the base of a ridge which bounds the Picard river. Temperatures exceed 30oC. River stones 100 yards up and down stream have a rusty color. Some evidence of faulting has been found along the river nearby.


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